Orthopedist Specialists Use Orthopedic Massage To Successfully Treat Your Ailments

Professionals working as orthopedic specialists can look forward to provide an increasing number of patients who require orthopedic care. They can also be assured that new and improved technologies and procedures will continue to evolve. Innovative technology serves many people who want to remain active for as long as they live. There are new trends in technology and procedures that bode well for orthopedics. Orthopedic massage is one of those options orthopedists now use to successfully treat their patients.

Treatment With Orthopedic Massage

When you're trying to cope with situations in your life and your stress level is out of control, this will materialize into real and not imagined pain. If you combine that pain with pain that haunts you for years following a neck or back injury, you can actually find relief with the use of orthopedic massage. You will experience a reduction in your pain level from this massage treatment. There is also the potential for you to completely get rid of your pain altogether. That is the goal of your orthopedic specialist who delivers orthopedic massage to you.

Your orthopedic specialist's goal is to increase your strength and mobility. The specialist does so by designing a massage rehabilitation program that you will work on to reach your therapeutic goal. Since your muscle and joints are the areas where pain first materializes, your orthopedist will choose the form of massage therapy that best suits your condition. There are four different categories to choose from. 

Massage Therapy Categories

  • Manual therapy is used as a hands-on application that increases mobility in your joints and muscles.
  • You may have to practice a stretching technique that ultimately increases blood flow and stimulates deep tissues of your treatment area. Flexibility and strength occurs during the stretches.
  • Ice and heat therapy is an important application because while heat relaxes your tired and tight muscles, icing reduces swelling while numbing pain.
  • Be aware that your treatment may require ultrasound stimulation of your body's deep tissue, which also increases blood flow. 

Are You A Candidate For Orthopedic Massage Therapy?

There are certain jobs that you do, which make you a perfect candidate for orthopedic massage. If you're an athlete or a construction worker or you simply spend a lot of time on your feet every day, orthopedic massage treatments will help you as well. Set up a consultation appointment with an orthopedist to discuss and evaluate your option for massage treatment.