Surviving Knee Surgery

Knee Spurs And How They Affect Your Knee Replacement Surgery

Although you have probably heard of heel spurs, you may be surprised to discover that knee spurs are just as common. In fact, bone spurs can occur anywhere in the body where thin bits of cartilage separate bones and assist in the articulation of joints. If your orthopedist tells you that you have knee bone spurs, it means that all of the cartilage is gone and your body is trying to compensate by creating additional bone to stabilize the joints. Read More 

4 Advantages Of Inpatient Rehab After A Serious Accident

Inpatient rehab is defined as visiting with a doctor and attending therapy sessions while you are in a hospital. Inpatient rehab can be made available to many different people who may need rehabilitation in any number of areas. Inpatient rehab has many benefits and can sometimes be more successful than outpatient rehab. In addition to that, inpatient rehab is full of nurses, doctors, and staff members dedicated to helping those get healthier, quicker. Read More